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Started out on a deal I found on there web site that was very appealing. Called & talked to a salesmen about it, wanted to make a deal before the 10 hour round trip, that I couldn't make till the following weekend.

They refused to talk a deposit thinking the bike would sell 9 (it has been sitting on the floor for 4 years BTW) so whatever I wasn't scared of it selling but really liked the offer! The week goes by they call me letting me know it hasn't sold and wanted a deposit, I said ill just make the drive and work a deal when I get there. 30 minutes after we hang up I get a call saying someone else miraculously wanted to buy the bike that's been on there floor for 4 years all of the sudden. I call BS but put a small deposit to hold for me.

I make the drive and had 2 bikes to trade in as we discussed and was told plan on low KBB, I get there and am insulted buy the trade in they wanted to give me which was $2000 below KBB on one bike let alone both. Then am told its because of inventory overload that they should have made clear before hauling them down. We try and work a deal on the new bike and they come at me with $2500 over advertised price which is the cost of a new 2013, this bike was an 09' that has been on the floor for 4 years. So I get my paper work and am fuming at this point.

They really didn't want to budge until I go to leave! Well we make a deal & I pay for the bike in full, and because I wasn't willing to give up about $3500 on my trades I had no tie downs to get 3 bikes home, I ask if they would throw a pair in for a cash deal we made. They refused and told me to go to the gear department and buy some (really after paying for a new bike outright) I refuse and go to the closest Walmart to get a set, while the bike is getting "prepped" I was told that would take about 30 minutes. An hour later after I return I am told the battery was dead and needed another 30 minutes for a new one to charge.

Ok so I go to get a cup of coffee at their " coffee bar" and yea after spend about $10,000 on a new bike i'm charged $3 for a cup of coffee as well WTF? I walk around looking at all the inventory only to find the same year and model of bike as one that I wanted to trade that was priced $3500 more than I wanted so WOW really. I waste another 45 min waiting for "prep" and find my salesmen to see what the problem is! I am told the Carb was leaking and need to be taken apart and fixed (on a new bike) at this point they have my $ and I am at there mercy sadly another hour goes by and finally its done wheew I was steaming at this point, as anyone would be Im sure.

Me and a service guy get it loaded and not even a hand shake, thank you, *** off, nothing from my salesmen. On the road I go! Spend the next five hours driving back to Las Vegas cooling off from all the Bs I just went through, get home unload & decide to do quick once over and make sure oil is good nuts, bolts are tight ect, only to find the subframe bolts missing under the seat, carb boot clamps loose, basically everything they worked on for 3 hours not to be complete.

Im glad I didn't go out and get 50 miles in middle of the desert to blow this thing up and have to walk home! Very disappointed in Berts and wouldn't buy a squirt of *** from them if I was dying of thirst in Death Valley!!!!

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Chino Hills, California, United States #777098
I'm sorry but your whole complaint was awesome! HAHA :grin

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